2016 - Researcher at SIG - Amsterdam / PhD Student at TU Delft - The Netherlands
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2015 - M.Sc. in Computer Engineering, University of Sannio, Italy
Thesis: “Analysis of test suite adequacy for integration testing” - Advisor: Prof. M. di Penta

2012 - B.Sc. in Computer Engineering, University of Sannio, Italy
Thesis: “Web Services project and development for concurrent simulation”
Advisors: Prof. U. Villano, A. Cuomo


2014 - Beneslan Association web Application - - Benevento, Italy
Developed a PHP web Application with Yii Framework for donations of goods. My team mate and I have written everything from the use-cases to the actual code, UI (mobile-ready) and final documentation. Agile SW development was adopted.

2013-2014 - Academic Project: Virtual Travel Agency - Benevento, Italy
Java EE app that realizes a virtual agency where hotels can register and let their rooms be reserved. Technology used: MySQL with JPA/Hibernate as persistence layer; JBoss AS (v6) as application server; Apache Camel/JMS as integration layer; Spring MVC/Spring AOC as web framework with EJB 3.0 for the business layer; JAX-WS API for web services; JSP + JSTL + EP for the presentation layer.

2011 - IT Consultant - Confcooperative Italia - Rome, Italy
Worked at Elabora Soc. Coop. in a team of 7, managing the Confcooperative Italia web application. Developing/debugging with .NET framework (2.0/4.0), using VB.NET / ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005/2008. Mainteinance and development of: T-SQL stored procedure, Microsoft Crystal Reports and Microsoft Sharepoint Designer web portals.